Do dry herb vapes make clouds?

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The short answer is yes, they do – but not as big as what you would get from smoking.

When vaping herbal materials, you will still be able to see a cloud of vapor produced, although it is usually not as thick or dense as the smoke generated by combustion.

This is because when vaping, the material isn’t burned like it is when smoking – instead, it’s heated at a much lower temperature than burning and only releases the active compounds into vapor form rather than irritants such as tar and carcinogens released through combustion.

While this does mean that your clouds won’t be quite as impressive as with smoking, there are still some tips and tricks you can use to get maximum vapor production and bigger clouds from your dry herb vape.

Here are some of the most effective ways for getting larger clouds:

  • Make sure that you grind your material very fine – this will increase surface area, allowing more of it to be vaporized in a single hit.

  • Use high temperatures when vaping – many vapes have temperature settings, so set yours as high as possible without burning the material (usually around 375°F).

  • Pack the chamber of your vape tightly to ensure optimal vaporization; if you pack it too loosely, there won’t be enough material to generate good amounts of vapor.

  • Move slowly while taking each draw; inhaling too quickly won’t give the material enough time to heat up properly, resulting in less vapor being produced.

By following these tips and tricks, you should be able to get decent clouds from your dry herb vape – although it won’t be quite as impressive as what you’d get from smoking, the clouds should still look pretty good.

Happy vaping!

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