The High From Vaping: How Long Does It Last?

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Vaping cannabis is becoming increasingly popular as a discreet way of consuming the drug.

But have you ever wondered how long the high from vaping weed actually lasts?

In this article, we'll look at what affects the length of time that a vape high lasts so that you can better manage your experience.

How Long Does Vape High Last?

The length of a vape high can vary from person to person, but generally speaking, it usually lasts between 1-3 hours.

Factors like your individual tolerance and the strain type you use will all affect how long the high lasts.

What Affects How Long The High Lasts?

The length of a vape session varies based on different factors.


If you’re an experienced user, then you may find that your tolerance for THC is higher than other users and therefore your high will not last as long – or be as strong – as someone who hasn’t used marijuana before.


Everyone's body reacts differently to cannabis, so the high that you experience may last longer or shorter than other people's.

Individuals with a high tolerance for THC will feel less of an effect and the vape session won’t last as long.

Strain Type

Different cannabis strain types have different levels of THC – some strains have higher concentrations than others and this affects how long the high lasts.

Generally, strains with higher concentrations of THC will produce a stronger and longer-lasting buzz.


The amount of cannabis you consume can also affect how long your session will be.

If you take a smaller dose, it may not last as long as if you were to take a larger one – but keep in mind that it’s important to start small and wait a few minutes before taking another puff.


The temperature at which you vape your cannabis can also affect the length of time that the high lasts. If you’re vaping at higher temperatures, then it will last longer than if you were vaping at lower temperatures.

Other Drugs & Alcohol

If you consume alcohol or other drugs alongside vaping cannabis, then this may affect how long your session lasts as well as the intensity of the high.

It’s important to be aware of these potential interactions and adjust accordingly.


In conclusion, the length of time that a vape high lasts depends on various factors like tolerance, individual body chemistry, strain type, dose, temperature and other drugs & alcohol consumed.

Vaping is an increasingly popular way to consume cannabis with minimal odour, and understanding how different factors can affect the length of time that your session lasts help you to better manage your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a vape session last?

A typical vape session usually lasts between 1-3 hours depending on various factors like tolerance, strain type, dose and temperature.

How long does it take to hit a vape?

It usually takes around 5-15 minutes for the effects of vaping cannabis to kick in.

Does vaping weed smell a lot?

Vaping cannabis can produce some odour but generally speaking, it doesn’t linger as much as smoking does.

However, you should still be mindful of where and when you vape because other people may be able to smell it – depending on how strong the scent is.

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