Do You Get a Different High from Vaping?

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Do you get a different high from vaping?

Vaping has become an increasingly popular way to enjoy the natural effects of cannabis without smoke.

But how does it compare to smoking when it comes to the high?

Let’s explore the difference between vaping and smoking, as well as how temperature and types of vaporization can affect your experience.

Vaping High

When vaping cannabis, one inhales vapor instead of smoke.

Because this vapor contains fewer toxins or carcinogens, many individuals find that they don’t experience the same harshness in their throat or lungs compared to smoking.

As a result, some might feel more clear-headed after vaping cannabis than they do after smoking it—a side effect which could lead to a different type of high.

Smoking High

In comparison to vaping, smoking cannabis is much more likely to cause a full-body relaxation effect due to the increased amount of smoke inhaled.

Those who are seeking a more intense experience may find that smoking provides an enhanced level of potency than vaping.

As well, most smokers report feeling more physically relaxed after smoking than they do after vaping since their bodies have become accustomed to the effects of burnable material entering their lungs.

How Vaporizer Temperature Affects Your High

The temperature at which you vape your cannabis can make all the difference when it comes to your high.

Generally speaking, lower temperatures provide a milder and lighter high, while higher temperatures offer greater levels of intensity and concentration.

Low-Temperature Vaporization (143 – 165 Celsius)

When vaping at a low temperature, you’ll experience more of the natural flavors terpenes of your cannabis Terpenes are what give various strains their distinct aromas and tastes, so this is an ideal option for consumers who want to get the most out of their bud.

As well, users might find that they experience a milder high with less intensity—perfect if you’re looking for a relaxed feeling without being overwhelmed.

Moderate Temperature (165 – 188 Celsius)

At moderate temperatures, you can expect to release more cannabinoids such as THC or CBD into your vapor.

This is a great option for those looking to experience the effects of cannabis more intensely, but still in a mild-mannered way.

High Temperature (188 – 230 Celsius)

At higher temperatures, your vapor will contain even more THC and CBD than it would at moderate levels. In turn, this can lead to a more potent high with greater intensity and concentration.

However, because terpenes are burned off at higher temperatures, users might find that their experience lacks the nuances found from vaping lower temperatures.

Types of Vaporization

The type of vaporization you choose can also influence your high—from convection to conduction and manual or automated options, there’s definitely something out there for everyone.

Convection is the primary type of vaporization used today, and involves heated air passing through your cannabis to create flavorful vapor.

Conduction requires direct contact between the heating element and your bud, while manual or automated systems can help you find just the right temperature every time.

Why Vaping is Changing the Game

Overall, vaping offers consumers a different way to get high than traditional smoking methods.

Not only does it provide a more delicate experience in terms of flavor and aroma, but users might find that they are able to enjoy their herb on a deeper level by controlling temperature and type of vaporization.

Ultimately, vaping has opened up new doors for cannabis consumption which could lead to even more exploration in this area down the line.


In conclusion, vaping can provide a different kind of high than smoking.

By controlling the temperature and type of vaporization you use, you can tailor your experience to suit your personal needs and preferences.

Whether it’s for relaxation or an intense experience, vaping can help you find just the right level of potency to get the most out of your herb.

In short, vaping is changing the game when it comes to cannabis consumption—making it easier than ever before to get exactly what you want from your bud.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I not high on dry herb vape?

It could be that you’re vaping at a lower temperature than your device allows, or using too little cannabis.

Make sure you are using enough herb and that you have the temperature set to an adequate level for optimal results.

2. Is vaping dry herb more potent?

Vaping dry herb can be more potent than other methods of consumption as it allows you to control temperature and vaporization type for a tailored experience.

However, this depends on the user’s preference—some might prefer milder highs while others might be looking for something more intense.

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