Does Dry Herb Vaping Hurt Your Throat?

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When comes to vaping with dry herb, there are some people who have feeling a sore throat after.

This is usually due to the heat of the vaporizer and can be easily avoided if certain measures are taken. So, do dry herb vaporizers hurt your throat?

The answer is, not necessarily.

The key to avoiding any discomfort when using a dry herb vape is understanding how to use it correctly and taking precautionary steps.

To get the best results from your vaporizer and avoid any potential throat irritation, here are some tips that you should follow:

1. Don’t Overheat

Dry herb vapes will often require multiple sessions in order for all of the material to be completely used up or vaporized.

In the first few sessions, the temperature should be kept low to ensure that you don’t overheat your material.

This will also help avoid any potential throat irritation.

2. Adjust Airflow

Every dry herb vape will have adjustable airflow settings.

Make sure to adjust this depending on what type of vaping experience you’re looking for and how much air you can handle without feeling any discomfort in your throat or lungs.

If you find yourself coughing or feeling a sore throat, try reducing the airflow and go back up if needed as you become more accustomed to using the device.

3. Use Cooling Attachments

Some vaporizers come with an attachment that helps cool down the vapor before it enters your mouth.

This is a great way to reduce any potential throat irritation and make the vaping experience more enjoyable.

4. Take Breaks

As with anything related to vaping, take breaks when needed.

If you’re feeling any discomfort in your throat or chest while using your dry herb vape, give yourself a break and wait for a few minutes before continuing.


By following these simple tips, you can avoid any potential discomfort or soreness in your throat that may come from using a dry herb vaporizer.

Make sure to monitor how much material you’re consuming, adjust the airflow as needed, use cooling attachments if available, and take breaks when necessary in order to get the best experience possible when it comes to vaping with dry herb.

At the end of the day, whether or not a dry herb vaporizer will hurt your throat is largely dependent on how you use it.

If you’re mindful and take precautionary steps, there shouldn’t be any issues.

So remember to enjoy vaping responsibly!

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