How To Hit A Dry Herb Vaporizer Properly: Full Guide

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It's no secret that vaping dry herbs has become one of the most popular ways to enjoy.

Thanks to the convenience, and smoothness that a modern dry herb vape offer, more and more people are making the switch from traditional smoking methods.

But if you're new to vaping dry herbs or just want a refresher on proper technique, this article is for you!

Here we'll discuss how to hit a dry herb vaporizer correctly so you can get the most out of each session.

Understanding the Basics of Dry Herb Vaporization

Before we dive into specific instructions on how best to hit your dry herb vape, let's go over some basic terminology and concepts related to vaporizing cannabis.

To start off with, dry herb vaporizers are designed to heat dry herbs up to a certain temperature, usually between 180-220 degrees Celsius.

At this temperature, the cannabinoids and terpenes within the dried cannabis flower are released in the form of vapor, which is then inhaled by the user.

It's important to note that while there may be some combustion involved with certain temperatures, it's much less than what would occur if you were smoking a traditional joint or bong hit.

Choosing the Right Dry Herb and Grind Consistency

The quality of your dry herb vape experience also depends on using good quality buds as well as having them ground into an even consistency for optimal airflow with each hit.

Before filling up your device, make sure you're using freshly dried and cured cannabis flower – the fresher, the better.

As for grinding up your herb, you want to achieve a medium-fine texture that's not too fine or too coarse.

A grinder with multiple chambers can be helpful here as they often come with multiple grind options.

Preparing Your Dry Herb Vape for a Hit

Once you've got your dry herbs ground into the correct consistency, it's time to pack them into your vaporizer chamber.

Most modern devices feature adjustable bowls so you can customize how much you want to fill each session – usually between 0.1g-0.3g per bowl is best for most users (unless otherwise specified by the device manufacturer).

Then simply close up the chamber and move on to the next step.

Setting the Optimal Temperature for Your Vaping Preferences

Now that your device is ready, it's time to set the optimal temperature for your vaping preference.

This is usually done using a single button or dial and can range anywhere from 180-220°C depending on what kind of device you are using.

If you're unsure about which temperature to use, most devices come with pre-set settings so you don't have to do any guesswork.

Inhaling Techniques: Mouth-to-Lung vs. Direct Lung Hits

Once your dry herb vape has reached its ideal temperature, it's time to take a hit.

There are two main kinds of inhalation techniques when it comes to vaping dry herbs: mouth-to-lung and direct lung.

Mouth-to-lung hits involve inhaling the vapor into your mouth first before drawing it down into your lungs. This technique usually yields a smoother hit with less flavor intensity.

Direct lung hits, on the other hand, involve taking a deep inhalation directly from your device and pulling all of the vapor straight into your lungs in one breath.

This technique is generally more intense but can also produce thicker clouds of vapor for cloud chasers out there.

Taking a Smooth and Controlled Draw

Now that you've chosen an inhalation method, it's time to take that hit!

Make sure you draw slowly and steadily from your device so you don't waste any of the precious vapor.

Keep the hit in your lungs for a few seconds before gradually exhaling, making sure to get the most out of each inhalation.

Finding the Right Inhalation Speed

Once you've got your inhalation technique down, it's important to find an inhalation speed that works best for you.

Too fast and you'll end up wasting vapor, too slow and you might not be able to draw enough vapor in before it's all gone.

Experiment with different speeds until you find one that feels comfortable and yields satisfying results.

Exhaling and Appreciating the Flavor and Vapor Production

Finally – it's time to exhale!

After taking a hit from your dry herb vape, take some time to observe the flavor and cloud production.

If you're using a conduction device, it's also important to check your chamber and clean out any leftover pieces of herb or vaporized plant material that may have been left behind from the session.


And there you have it – now you know how to hit a dry herb vape like a pro!

With this knowledge in hand, all that's left is for you to grab your device and get vaping away.

Happy puffing!

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